About Us

We are sustainably happy and funny.

OnePlanet MyPlanet was born from a 12 years experience based on creativity and innovation.

Our constant desire to impact people’s lives in a more socially responsible and environmentally friendly way, lead us to create a brand that embraces life and nature as a whole.

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Creativity With
a Purpose.

We always work to create and deliver the best products. This also means to limit our environment impact to preserve this planet we call home.
Every person could act to make a difference and everyone can have a voice that speaks in harmony with nature.
Join us in that goal.
Active Voice

Protect Life
Promote Sustainability
Preserve Nature

Best Practices

Reduce Waste
Use of Eco-friendly Materials
Low Carbon Footprint


More Than Shopping.

Creativity has no limits and our services and products are the best way to show it. From the consulting process, to designing and delivering the product we are all over the place.

We can create original designs that can be applied to a vast list of goods like clothes and merchandising.

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